Do Nothing Day


Among other reasons, I love children because they find it easy to laugh. Also because they understand my sense of humor. I wanted to create a children’s book that sparks joy because of the sheer ridiculousness of it. I believe that little kids would rather have a book that makes them giggle than a book that teaches them a moral catered to adults. 


So, I partnered with author Hannah Gladwell to bring such a book to life. After fleshing out the idea more, however, we saw that we had unintentionally uncovered an important topic: your productivity does not determine your worth. In a productivity driven society, it isn’t always taught that it is beautiful and necessary to relax and decompress in addition to pursuing passionate work. I know from experience that humans need equal parts work and play. That is the best way I know to create a well-rounded and fulfilling life.


I suggest taking a liberal amount of mental health days, to schedule play into your busy life, and to take time to take a deep breath out. I also suggest laughing as much as you possibly can, doing yoga, taking care of plants, living in the present moment, listening to your body, reading, swinging, doing handstands, taking a warm bath, talking to your friends, going on a walk, and watching the sunset. All of these activities are depicted in my illustrations.

  • This book is 8x8 inches. It has 24 spreads.

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