what is a brand?

A brand isn’t just a company and its logo, it’s a whole personality in itself! My brand is super casual, colourful, and upbeat because I want people to look at my brand and be like ‘oh hey, she seems fun and easy to work with!’ I want to be easily approachable and I want potential clients to know that they can trust me with their brand and have fun in the process!

what makes up a brand

I think people have a habit of thinking that a brand is just a company and its logo, but a brand is wayyyy more than that. there are a zillion elements that come together to make a brand! logos, colors, fonts, shapes, textures, tone of voice… I could go on forever but you get the idea.

why branding is important

I’m not gonna talk about every single reason branding is important right now bc that would probably be an absolute snoozefest but there a few things that I definitely want to mention!

it helps build trust

I didn’t always notice it and I don’t think many people do but there are some brands that you’ll just always gravitate towards because without even realizing it, you’ve subconsciously built trust with them. branding builds this trust. a brand that can connect with its customers on an emotional level will have customers that feel comfortable buying from them time and time again!

Maya Angelou quote

It influences consumer behavior

okay this is kinda tricky to explain, it’s very like psychological and complicated lol. (but quite interesting!)

when someone does something (buys from a company) it’s driven by their behavior and behavior is driven by perception. so basically, if someone perceives your company to be good and trustworthy, their behavior will be influenced to action them to buy. which is why perception is sooo important!! you can’t exactly control the way someone perceives your brand but if you understand your target audience, the way you express your brand should make them feel positively towards your company. pretty cool right!

why your branding needs to be appropriate

your brand needs to fit in with your product or service. having a bubbly brand like mine but for a company that organizes funerals (can you IMAGINE lolll) just wouldn’t work because it’s not appropriate. my brand being bubbly, friendly, and not super serious is fine because i’m a brand and web designer who is creative and fun, but if I was a funeral director or an estate agent no one would want to take me seriously.

need help with your branding?

I hope you now know a little more about branding and how much of a difference it can make! it’s so important to get right and if you need a little help with it, you’re in the right place :) as a brand and web designer, I can help you create a brand that speaks to your audience in a positive way and hopefully make you some dollas!

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