about me

I’m christianna osborn; a brand + web designer based in provo, utah.  I want to create and experience all of the beautiful things. I want to visit greece and iceland and sew my own clothes and learn to surf and make my own strawberry jam and start ballet lessons. I want to make more babies and show them how cool life is. and that's why I'm the LUCKIEST to have this dope career that allows me all the things I want. my superpower is giving this luxury to all of my clients.

things about me that are not design

I live for these two.

my favorite place is the palace of versailles. I was probably marie antoinette in a past life.

 I love traveling abroad, chai tea, and 70% dark chocolate.

I was raised speaking swedish, and now I'm passing it on to this cute little guy.

I'm obsessed with my family.

I love doing yoga, and I teach yoga on the side!

Let's make magic together.

be the energy

you want to attract.

we don't chase. we attract.

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